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You can use to buy anything.

Overstock paved the way in 2014. Notably absent from the show is Amazon, but you can still use your to buy things there. can also pay your bills if you're Canadian; including your chequing account. There are a few credit cards floating around - licensed by Visa or MasterCard - backed by . You can also use to fly the world with your profits on 's rise in value.

"What do you mean anything?"

Introducing, Overstock:

Overstock was the first major retailer to accept . They've been doing so since 2014 with clear instructions on their website. Their catalogue features items for individuals as well as items for the home with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Overstock's CEO believes in .

Introducing, Purse:

Purse facilitates the exchange of by using Amazon as escrow. You can save up to 33% off your first purchase, or earn by selling your items on Amazon.

By using the convenience of your Amazon Wish List, a buyer will purchase your listed items with their $ in exchange for your . Naturally, to make your offer of enticing to a buyer, you should ensure your rate isn't too high.

"What's this about my chequing account?"

Introducing, Bylls:

Bylls allows any Canadian citizen to be their own bank. Use to pay Rogers, Home Depot, the National Student Loans Service Center, your chequing account, your Visa, your MasterCard, anything within our beautiful country.

No catch.

Most other countries aren't lucky enough to have such an amazing service. Bylls allows you to truly be free, however it should be pointed out that Anti-Money Laundering laws will force your bank to question you if you deposit more than $5,000 at once.

It's wisest to move your under the radar in small pieces with transactions of $2000 or less.

If you were to cash out and pay off your house, for example, it would be best to make such payments in small increments; perhaps once a week. Don't give Big Brother a reason to investigate the source of your revenue. He'll try to claim a piece.

"You said I could fly for free?"

It was implied, but yes.

Introducing, CheapAir:

How to Fly for Free:

Step 1: Buy .

Step 2: Wait for the price of to (dramatically) increase.

When the $ value of your exceeds the price you paid, you're in profits with "free money". Why not treat yourself to something nice?

Step 3: Book yourself a cheap flight and pay the $ with your surplus thanks to 's rise in value.

"What about credit cards?"

These aren't as liquid as one might hope. There are successful payment systems in Europe, but North Americans face restrictions and challenges. The presence of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States guarantees that it's a very tight space. The price of compliance may not be worth it for some.

More information is still being gathered. There're a wide variety of projects aimed at this goal from many parts of the world.

This is the final step to escaping the trap. Naturally, it's the hardest.

coinsfor.life endeavors to provide the best selection of what the Internet has to offer someone new to the world of . For that reason, there are no companies that can be officially endorsed by coinsfor.life at this time. Until such a company is found, consider using Bylls to pay off your credit card instead.

Stay tuned for updates.

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