Initial Coin Offerings


Trading and Investing are HIGH RISK endeavors.

You may end up with less than you started with.

Trading and Investing guarantees that you will lose at least once, if not multiple times.

The wisest thing to do with your is to sit on it and proceed no further. is not liable for your actions.

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Initial Coin Offerings are provided by companies and projects looking for funding. Since there are no regulations in the turbulent wild west of cryptocurrencies, essentially anyone can create an ICO for any reason whatsoever. Don't worry, some guy already convinced the Internet to give him money for no reason at all, so that opportunity has passed.

When considering an ICO, it's important to read the white paper to understand what you're buying into. Depending on the project and the price of their offer, the value of their asset once it reaches major exchanges can be dramatic with returns over 100x. Remember that there are new coins being offered on a daily basis, so prudence and research are essential.

Some projects don't effectively go to market until a year after their offering. Other projects have simply taken investor money to never be heard from again. That said, there is hope. Numerous services exist to help you track and evaluate the scores of ICOs on the horizon. Here are a few:

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