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By the time of this writing there are numerous ways to buy Bitcoin with cash, debit or credit. While an exhaustive list would be nice, there are already many and most of them don't cater to Canadians.

Below is a curated list of services.
Call it a stamp of approval.

Before you buy Bitcoin, be sure to have a Bitcoin wallet.

Cash Services

Coin ATM Radar

  • Use Coin ATM Radar to locate your nearest BTM.
  • If $Fees >= 15%, find another BTM.
  • 5% @ Deloitte with Verification. $100/person/day.


  • Based in Vancouver, CA.
  • Ideal if $Purchase >= $2000.
  • Promotional Code: COINSFORLIFE

Local Bitcoins

  • Last resort.
  • Inconsistent rates.
  • Seller determines payment method.

Debit/Credit Services


  • Canada's largest fiat:crypto exchange.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • ID/Photo/Address required.

Canadian Bitcoins

  • Simple interface. Smooth service.
  • Free Debit services.
  • Verification requires bank info and phone call.


  • Based in Toronto, CA
  • Pro: Phone PIN verification only.
  • Con: $200/day limit.

Use Bitcoin to...

Buy anything.
Pay your bills.
Invest in other things.

Retire by accumulating as much as you can.
Inflation of $ will take care of the rest.
There isn't enough for everyone.

What is ? | Why should I buy ? | How should I buy ?

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